Customer Acquisition 101: What New Lead Generation Marketers Need to Know

You can produce a great product. You can create great content that demonstrates the value of that product. But if none of your potential customers turn into leads, then what’s the point? This is where customer acquisition comes into play.

What New Marketers Need to Know Today

Whether you’re a new hire in a big advertising agency, or wear many hats at your current company or organization, acquiring new leads is important. So how do you turn your casual viewers into loyal customers?

Here are some of the basics of customer acquisition to get you started.

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3 Biggest Marketing Challenges for FinTech Companies

Marketing is something every company or business has to do if they plan on being successful. In today’s world, ads are everywhere, but some industries struggle more than others to get their message across to the right audience, especially in FinTech.

Having the right team of talent can be very useful, but hard to find. In addition, marketers have an extremely difficult time getting the right digital assets to meet their agenda. Whatever the case may be, every single marketer has to face their challenges head-on to start generating revenue and increasing audience engagement.

Here are some of the biggest challenges that marketers in financial and tech companies have to face. This post will give you some tips and better insights into how to overcome these obstacles and take your business to the next level.

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United Front: How to Make Your Sales and Creative Team Work as One

Businesses use various marketing tools and strategies to reach a wider audience. And if you own or manage a business yourself, you understand how important your different departments are to the life of your brand, and it’s not easy to achieve the optimal balance between your sales and creative teams.

They have to work hard to create a marketing plan that highlights your services or products in a way that will be visually and emotionally appealing to potential customers. When these teams collaborate seamlessly, your product or service will become more visible, ultimately growing your business.

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5 Reasons You Should Optimize Your Email for Mobile

When it comes to marketing your content, you have to be where your audience is most likely to access content and in the form that they prefer to consume it. In a world that is growing increasingly mobile, it’s necessary to have your email campaigns optimized for mobile.

1. More effective than social media at acquiring customers

While social media marketing is still relevant, a study has shown that mobile email is 40 times more effective than marketing on Twitter and Facebook. You need a social presence and social listening skills in order to influence your audience, but you also need customers to influence to begin with.

Let your lead generation efforts funnel directly into your email campaigns to increase your likelihood of sales conversions. The value of your orders can increase up to 17% because emails are three times as likely to prompt the reader to make a purchase.

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