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Should You Add Predictive Modeling to Your Marketing Mix?

Marketing analytics help support your company’s marketing strategy development and are your greatest resource for creating predictive models. There are several reasons your marketing mix should utilize predictive modeling since it’s a fundamental structure that forms a picture of the key features of your overall marketing strategy.

It also allows CMOs and CEOs to determine which products and services attract customers and where products and services are greatest in demand. From this data, marketing strategies are more reliably predictable.

How Does Predictive Modeling Enhance Marketing and Sales?

Believe it or not, marketing strategies are often implemented without beta testing. In predictive modeling, strategies are implemented based on solid data mining and quantitative information gathered. This includes:

  • Customer buying habits
  • Buying frequencies
  • Customer locations

Predictive modeling also allows your marketing team to examine existing customer transaction details and add them to your model to highlight issues such as top resale customers, fastest turnaround time from order entry to customer purchases, payment frequency and account activities. Predictive modeling enhances existing marketing efforts by drawing forth the key elements of your business goals and expanding them for greater sales reach.

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Making Sense of Big Data: How to Get the Most out of Your Customer Analytics

All those numbers, facts and figures on the sales and marketing reports have a specific goal: To get the most out of your customer analytics. This assumes, of course, that your marketing analytics is based on actual, cumulative and projected data. Analytics can be a CMOs gold mine when the data is refined and utilized with vision and clarity. Here’s how you can make sense of your big data.

What Does Your Customer Analytics Reveal?

Marketing and sales professionals use the same basic processes most scientists use:

  • Discovery
  • Analysis
  • Impact
  • Implementation
  • Results

Customer analytics can help you and your marketing team discover the buying habits and traits of each customer so products and services can be adapted to the all-important “customer need.” Analytics provide a profile of customers on an individual and conglomerate basis.

By analyzing each profile and comparing them collectively, the data contained will reveal a true picture of the relationship between buyer and seller. This picture also contains customer buying motivations and habits.

The impact analytics will have on your business depends on the value of the data. Data value should be judged in the same way as business assets. Assets no longer of value to the business become obsolete in the same way data contained in obsolete analytics loses value. It’s easy to see why customer analytics play an important role in maintaining solid customer relationships and a healthy bottom line for marketing and sales.

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The 3 R’s of Content Marketing: Relatable, Readable, Reusable

In the early days of marketing, salespeople/business owners found that their marketing strategy should be as personal as a handshake. Door-to-door interactions were much more common in those days, offering one-on-one conversations that made the sales pitch of a product more powerful and alluring.

Yesterday’s Marketing Methods, Modernized

In today’s technology-driven world, effective content marketing is less about face-to-face interactions and more about making your company’s voice heard. Content marketing must exude professionalism, yet also be as personal as a knock on the door. Just like sales routes that had to be mapped out in detail to ensure success, content marketing does not simply happen on its own. It requires planning and effort.

If you want to ensure that your customers are aware of the services and products you provide, you will first need to create a marketing strategy that reaches your consumers where they are. Connecting to your customers is the best device you can use to help them in their purchasing decisions.

But don’t just create fluff that leaves your target audience wanting more and turning to your competitors to find what they need. Long-term customer engagement is essential to make your content relatable, readable, and reusable. With these three R’s in place, your marketing strategy can position you for lasting success.

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Customer Acquisition 101: What New Lead Generation Marketers Need to Know

You can produce a great product. You can create great content that demonstrates the value of that product. But if none of your potential customers turn into leads, then what’s the point? This is where customer acquisition comes into play.

What New Marketers Need to Know Today

Whether you’re a new hire in a big advertising agency, or wear many hats at your current company or organization, acquiring new leads is important. So how do you turn your casual viewers into loyal customers?

Here are some of the basics of customer acquisition to get you started.

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